Our company has more than 35 years experience in the development and application of MHD-equipment (EMP electromagnetic pumps, stirrers) for aluminium and other non ferrous (Al, Zn, Cu, Na (sodium), Pb, Hg etc) metals for different purposes in metallurgical industry. Also we offer MHD devicies (pumps)  which is used in nuclear power plants.

Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) devices (stirrers, pumps and so on) are intended for mixing of aluminium (and others metals) melts in metallurgical reverbatory furnaces under the effect of a travelling magnetic field on liquid metals in the following processes:

We offer linear (side channel) and tube pumps for metallurgical furnaces with capacity from 10-25 t up to 100-145 tons and electromagnetic launders.
Metal temperature up to 850 C.
Voltage 380/480 V, frequence 50/60 Hz.
Metal flow rates 20/50 tons per hour up to 800 tonns per hour.

Advantages of MHD-devices comparing to well-known analogous industrial devices are following:

Products are carried out in accordance with international standarts. Warranty and certificates are granted. MHD SKB has designed and realized more than 200 type units of MHD-equipment, manufactured and deliveried several thousands units of equipment.

Our equipment successfully operated by plants in all over the world.